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Our online shops are based on the most popular eCommerce platform - WooCommerce. Offering wide variety of possibilities, it gives you the access to all the needed integrations with the providers, and functionalities.

Unique store designs

With the right layout, we will draw your client's attention to the main assets of your company. We will tend to every detail - ensure suitable colors, create original design, and provide elegant typography.

High sales conversion

We work on efficient and useful eCommerce solutions daily. Valid code, UX testing, and streamlining provide better results.

Payment and shipping integrations

We offer integrating the store with a range of payment gateways and shipping providers such as: PayPal, Sofort, PayU, DHL, DPD.

Custom-made online shops

An online shop is a tool created to bring profits, more than any other type of websites, and its success is influenced by many factors. That is why, we create customized online shops, suited to your e-business as well as your clients. For the store you pay only once, regardless of the number of items, the number of clients, or the number of orders.

The art of not distracting the client

Conversion is one of the main factors influencing the shop’s total sales. Without a working conversion path, getting traffic to your website doesn’t mean better results.

The first step in the designing process is creating clickable mock-ups. First layouts may be ready for testing with the potential clients in just a day.

Fully-testes and functional mock-ups are the base for creating the final design, that shows accurately what will the shop look like.

Testing at the design stage can save a lot of time and increase the website’s efficiency, after its going live.

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